About Länder und Leute

We are SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG, situated in the German town of Giessen, north of Frankfurt. A team of around 25 well-travelled tourist experts, who are all connected to Europe’s largest providers for group travel. We are predominantly suppliers for direct distribution, and also actively involved in the travel industry as tour operators and incoming agency for Germany and Europe.

In association with Service-Reisen Heyne GmbH & Co. KG we directly and indirectly send approximately 500,000 customers on trips every year, and directly cooperate with numerous partners from the tourism industry.

It is this extensive network, our many years of experience, as well as our exceptional knowledge about destinations in Scandinavia, Great Britain and France that provide us with a unique perspective of a variety of countries and people, including themes that are currently hot in the travel industry.

We take great pleasure in sharing our perspective with you. We love to share our knowledge, our experiences and new discoveries with you, and wish to always give you some added value and exciting extras.  We’re also looking forward to a lively exchange of ideas with you – through comments, your personal experience, adventures, and perspectives.

Our Writers

Our writers are mostly from the management team and employees of SR Travel. In addition, we receive regular contributions from our network partners. These are some of our writers:

Eva Booz

SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG

Tabea Bicalho Nagel Head of Contracting / Foto SR Travel
Tabea Bicalho-Nagel

Head of Contracting
SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG

Thilo Ungethüm

Head of Tours and Groups,
SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG

Moana Meves

Consultant of Communication, Deutschen Evangelischen Kirchentag and tour guide

Ulrike Katz

Associated Managing Director, justZARGES

Julia Gleisenberger

Blog Author

Petra Tebest

Contracting Manager,
SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG

Miriam Pieck

Vice Head of Contracting,
SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG